Named one of the most influential artists of the new millennium by Complex magazine, Danish-American artist Jamil GS has transformed the look of music and fashion photography over the past two decades with his signature Ghetto Fabulous aesthetic seen everywhere from the pages of Visionaire to collaborations with Supreme. Now, Le Fix Gallery partners with Bitchslap Magazine to debut a selection of never-before-exhibited works from his fabled archive, capturing the grit and the glamour of Hip Hop as it rose from the streets and became a force of global domination.

Born in Copenhagen in 1971 to Sahib Shihab, one of the founding members of Bebop jazz and Maiken Gulmann, Jamil’s multicultural heritage imbued him with a profound sensitivity to the extraordinary complexity of human existence. Captivated by the jazz album covers in his father’s collection and the Blue Note photography of Francis Wolff, Jamil consciously began to bring those elements to his work. Jamil followed the thread from jazz to Hip Hop, using the music of the people to disrupt and reimagine life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is the spirit of American Royalty. It can be seen in Jamil’s earliest works, including the 1994 portrait of Jeru the Damaja for Dazed and Confused magazine, which will be on view in the show. New York in ’94 was a watershed year for both artists: Jeru dropped his debut album, The Sun Rises in the East, while Jamil published his first works in i-D magazine. The two will reunite for the launch of American Royalty, reflecting back on this seminal period of Hip Hop, when it was an underground force, driven by a select group of artists committed to the principles of the culture.