EROSIE & EKTA first met and worked together back in 2014 and have since worked on several walls and exhibitions together. The two artists have both an ongoing dialogue regarding process and many mutual references in their work and practice. The Soon Forward exhibition features works on canvas, paper and textiles, individual and collaborative works and some made in Copenhagen during the week leading up to the opening.

EROSIE The work of Jeroen Erosie is deeply rooted in various disciplines, from graffiti to conceptual art, from illustration to typography. Jeroen connects these seemingly segregated areas in a natural, personal process, reflecting his thoughts, doubts and experiences while constantly evolving his visual output. His work seems to be an ever changing visualization of thought processes, looking for the friction between intuitive approaches and conceptual frameworks while constantly gaining new insights.

EKTA Daniel Götesson (1978), known as EKTA, is a Swedish artist, currently based in Gothenburg. His works have been exhibited all over Europe and his murals can be found across the countries such as Croatia, Poland and England. Amongst other projects, Götesson has recently worked on several public art commissions of varying scale for various municipalities in Sweden.